Fresh Take on Electronic Clock by New Zealand Graduate Shiping Toohey

Chinese born, New Zealander Shiping Toohey (pronounced “Shee-ping Too-ee”) graduated six months ago from Victoria University’s School of Design in Wellington. In her final year she designed and produced the FO Clock in response to the brief “to take an existing electronic product apart, discard the original, and create a new fabrication”. Comprising of 18 tessellated pieces, the FO Clock is based on the Japanese art of origami and Furoshiki, a Japanese wrapping cloth. This sleek, interactive digital clock can be folded and unfolded to reveal its inner workings and geometric patterns within. Although Toohey says there have been many keen expressions of interest, there are no plans as yet to manufacture the clock. Currently working as a research assistant and tutor at VUW, Toohey’s is also working on developing a wearable technology fashion piece. To see more of Toohey’s projects or to get in touch, visit her website.

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